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Join the Gematria Forum by becoming a Patreon. Membership is $1 per month at Gematria News' Patreon or by Bitcoin. Membership fees will be used to maintain this site and keep Gematria Forum online in these Orwellian days we find ourselves living in. When enough members join, we will move this community to a paid hosting server. FORUM SUPPORT: Membership Help?   *NOTE: LAST TIME I'M SAYING THIS..., IT'S ALL ABOUT THE "Monkey Blood = 47 (Chaldean)"
THE ENSLAVEMENT & THEIR OPPRESSION WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOU STOP IT..., IT'S NOT JUST GOING TO WALK AWAY! IF YOU'RE AWAKE AND NOT PART OF THIS UNDERGROUND CRIMINAL NETWORK, PLEASE REACH OUT TO THE "NON-MASONIC" MEN & WOMEN IN UNIFORM AND EDUCATE THEM AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON. BECAUSE IF THEY WERE AWAKE..., THIS SHIT WOULDN'T BE GOING ON RIGHT NOW. ~ BANK = 322 (Squares) ON IT! - - - The FALSE JEWS (((JEW-ish))) are part of this GERMAN MASONIC SHIT SHOW !!!!!!!! --- Onion Skin = 113 (Jewish Ordinal) --- Scottish Rite of Freemasons = 323 (KFW Kabbalah) & Enslave = 323 (Satanic) & 666 (Reverse Sumerian) - - - Who are the "False Jews"? Start by looking at The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries = 1963 (Primes), OPEC has the DOUBLE GEMATRIA of: OPEC = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah) and so does Pi Day = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah), Talmud = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah), US Army = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah), Dwight = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah), and Richard = 71 (ALW Kabbalah) & (KFW Kabbalah). - - - DOUBLE GEMATRIA: Septenary 20 Chaldean 20, German, Kabballah, Cubed, Abiff, Sunday, Pie Day, Apathy, I Am God, Vidme, Rhianna, Ethan, Uganda, Mary Jane, frog, Hulu, Burbank, Colts, False. - - - DOUBLE GEMATRIA: Septenary 41 Chaldean 41, listen to me, Switzerland, Yale Bulldogs, Devil Horns, Richard Nixon, Julian Calendar, Fear Factor, Piers Morgan, Ross Perot, Angelina Jolie, Dream Weaver, Nashville TN, buy more time, The Doctor, implications, forgive me, Antoinette, The Black Album. - - - DOUBLE GEMATRIA with a TWIST: Septenary 26 & Chaldean 30, Nazi Party, The Owl, Manhattan, Scotland, Massillon, Democracy, Equinox, Exodus, October, Funeral. - - - DOUBLE GEMATRIA with a TWIST: Septenary 30 & Chaldean 21, Jewish, Russian, Elites, Dark magic, Vibrate, Sabastian, Blackstar, Riddler, Gate Key, Trilogy, Rangers, Wrigley, Orgies. - - - DEREK'S DATABASE INFORMATION could solve this SHIT SHOW in a day, and PROVIDE NAMES as icing on the TRUTH CAKE. Where's ALL HIS SUPPORT to advance the Gematrinator's RESEARCH? - - -
DOUBLE GEMATRIA 33 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: Lupercalia, monsters, Molester, Not true, Mosquito, shooter, disappear, Passed Away, David Lynch, David Koch, Bugs Bunny, Tim Tebow, Pat Benatar, Sarah L. Palin, Ketchup, Bubble Gum, Contrive, Pareidolia, Screw You, Youssef, Foreskin, Journalism, Join or Die, Killing Name, clean slate, eye to eye, showcase, Spy vs Spy, The Rain Man, DOUBLE GEMATRIA 34 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: politician, Kaepernick, Seinfeld, Bay of Pigs, Trump Rally, In the End, hard knocks, Death Row, The tinman, Clairvoyant, Cherokee, holy cross, holy text, time keep, Job center, full time, deflated, spray paint, Reprogram, DOUBLE GEMATRIA 39 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: Mark Of Beast, Republicans, the force, Empire Maker, Lost Souls, Smoking Gun, Make believe, Sea Monster, Holy Orders, unthinkable, Halliburton, Joe Frazier, Super Mario, American Indian, french fry, Vinyl Record, Oil painting. DOUBLE GEMATRIA 47 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: Washington DC, Chase Manhattan, Satanic Temple, Maryland lottery, menstruation, honor killings, OReilly Factor, Roger Clemens, Love and Light, Super Bowl LII, Golden Eagles DOUBLE GEMATRIA 51 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: United Kingdom, United Nations, George Orwell, Austin Powers, Rolling Stones, March fifteen, April fifteen, Metatron's cube, Trump Towers, Hidden numbers, fake shooting, The Cosby Show, synchronicity man DOUBLE GEMATRIA 93 SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN: USS Theodore Roosevelt, two thousand and thirteen

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